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Porcelain & Stoneware

winter sunrise

Matching porcelain mug and bowl, a perfect set to start the morning.

Check out the Gallery for more photos of porcelain pots from the first cone 9 oxidation glaze firing.

morning glory
Studio Dog

Charlie keeps me company in the studio even though he'd rather be chasing tennis balls outside.

corn stalks
Rebuilding the Kiln

John rebuilds my over 50 year old electric kiln while Charlie offers to help out. 

Cone 6 Stoneware from 2020

 While we were building my studio, I paid for studio time at Voice of Clay in Brookline, New Hampshire and had a chance to make a few things using their cone 6 stoneware clay and glazes.

Below are photos of some mugs and bowls that I made in early 2020 at Voice of Clay. Unfortunately, I had to stop going there in March due to the Covid-19 shutdown. That made building my own studio a higher a priority!


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